Surprising Speed at Fishers

Race report: Todd Scheske, Legaci Cycling

A fast night in the A race was kicked off by the August Brothers who threw the smackdown in the early laps. With the field igniting behind, and an unrelenting pace combined with multiple attacks by just about everybody. The pack was spread razor-thin! And some early exits started to come!  Finally, a lull came about 20 minutes into the race followed soon after by Magnus Sheffield joining the race from out of nowhere!  He went about setting a high-tempo before riding away and taking a lap on the group! With everyone happy to just finally take some reprieve, the whittled down group made its way towards the final laps. In the confusing of time to go and laps, Ethan Carney mistakenly launched four laps before the end thinking it was the finish!  That set the tone for the final few laps as Sheffield went to the front with 4 to go and set of nice tempo keeping everybody at bay and single file. In the end it was Trevor August taking the win followed in by a hard charging Ethan Carney and Scheske rounding out the podium.

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