GVCC Strava Fondo Challenge #2

Hey everyone!

I hope you all continue to stay healthy during the continued shut down. We had a nice turnout of 22 riders last week for the first Strava Fondo Challenge. Here is another awesome route suggested by Jeff L. (Please curse him when the climbs begin to bite!!!)

HERE'S THE CHALLENGE: https://www.strava.com/routes/25501475

All the same rules apply:

1. No groups. Must be ridden solo.
2. No outside support.
3. Must be ridden on a road or gravel bike, no TT bikes or e-bikes! There is no limitation on equipment if it is legal for a mass start event.
4. It’s a Fondo format, so you must obey all traffic laws.
5. The ride is self-supported. You are not allowed to have a support vehicle.
6. The route will be on open roads with no marshals or club representation.
7. Appropriate social distancing must be maintained.
8. Do not attempt to organize staggered starts, minute men or rabbits. You must do this on your own and not in conjunction with any other club or non-club rider.*
9. You must do the route COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.
10. Complete the ride by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, 4/27/20.

*Incidental meetups on the road will likely occur, but there must be no drafting or sustained pacing. You must do this solo! Please let’s all just follow the honor rule.

Results will be based on lowest overall time and scored with G-Tour points! OFFICIAL RESULTS WILL BE POSTED ON THE GVCC WEBSITE and overrule the Strava segment leader board. The Gulick, Mosher and Egypt segments will be awarded prime points based on segment performance!

To participate, you must be a current member of the Genesee Valley Cycling Club.

Good luck!
Scott Bass
GVCC President

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