Welcome Back!

GVCC Members, welcome back!

It's been 116 days since the last GVCC Road Race, the weather was 30° and snowy at the only Giro race this year.  This week is forecasted to be a little warmer, but it's also a reminder that none of us have raced in nearly 4 months.  The most important consideration is the safety of our riders.

It's mathematically impossible for anybody to win the G-Tour this week, but reckless and dangerous riding could end a riders season or worse.  Please race hard, fair, and above all race with respect for your fellow GVCC member.

A few other reminders...

1) Marshals are on the course to ensure our safety, they are instructed to stop us riders, not cars.  If a marshal has their flag up you must stop, no excuses.  Any rider not stopping for a raised flag will be disqualified and receive zero points.

2) The centerline rule is in effect.  We race on open roads, there is no reason for any rider to cross the centerline.  Any rider crossing the centerline will be disqualified and receive zero points.

3) Snot-rockets and spitting. If you must spray germs the only acceptable place to do so is from the last-wheel in your group.  Do not hold your position and cross the centerline to spray.  Anybody spraying germs in the pack will be told to leave the race immediately and go home.  There is zero tolerance, consider this your only warning.

4) Reporting results will take place at my van after the race, if you did not score any points please stay away from this area.  Please line-up in order of the finish and report the result one at a time with a mask on.  No mask, no points.

I'm really excited that we are allowed to race again, and really want to stress that we act responsibly and respectfully.  Please race hard, have fun and stay safe.

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