March Newsletter - Giro Update, Carney @ STL, Event Reminders (yellow line!)

GVCC Members,

We are racing!  Our Spring Giros series is underway.  It's been great to get out on the roads, catch up with cycling friends and turn the pedals in anger!  We've had solid fields for all four events so far creating for very competitive racing. Those already fit are wanting to flex after a long winter of work, and those still ramping up are eager to get some hard miles in.

Giro Results are available here.  

In the As the August boys (Trevor (Finkraft) & AJ (Hot Tubes)) are picking up where they left off last fall - setting the tempo for the group in terms of aggressiveness, speeds and finishing ability.  They've gone first & second in the two races they've ridden. James Thompson (Shickluna) is representing the strong Buffalo contingent with a win in Giro 2 and consistent presence in the action off the front.

In the Bs we've had a different winner for each of the four races - Bischoff (Highlander), Burke (Twin Line), Fletcher (Ide) and Boguslofski (Project Echelon) in that order.  It's great to see aggressive and tactical racing as we kick off the season.

We've had racers from Watertown, Syracuse, Ithaca and of course Buffalo. Awesome to see so many ready to enjoy the season.

Registration for Giro 5 and Giro 6 are open.  Let's finish this series off with spirited riding and friendly competitiveness that our club is known for.

Regional / Out-of-Town Results

Congratulations to Ethan Carney on his results at the St Louis Omnium this past weekend!  On Saturday Ethan bagged a 3rd place in a huge cat 3 criterium field. This is an outstanding result given the depth of the field and his unfamiliarity with the course and the other competitors. Then on Sunday he followed it up with the WIN! Results here.  Take a look at the geo-diversity of this field.  Exceptional results.  And extra congrats on earning his Category 2 upgrade.

Event Protocols & Safety

The Yellow Line Rule
Reminder to all participants that at GVCC club events the Yellow Line Rule is in effect.  This applies to the entire course including entry and exit of corners.  We've had a handful of violations thus far in the Giros but overall it's been adhered to fairly well.  Thank you.  This is a very important rule for all of our safety and for our relationships with the communities and their drivers who experience our groups in their neighborhoods. Trust we understand the temptation completely, however it's not going to be tolerated. For a challenge, picture yourself on a narrow road in Europe, or racing our downtown crit, there's not always 30 feet of pavement to use as you race through a corner.  See it as cornering practice!  And remember you are racing for club points.  If you must have full access to the road, get your Cat 1 upgrade, and exercise it at the major closed-course races.

We will be monitoring this during our events. If you are seen violating it, at the Board's discretion, it will go something like this - (1) verbal warning, (2) written warning (email) and DQ from event,  (3) 1 week suspension, (4) season suspension.  

Marshall's Orders
Reminder that our corner marshalls are stopping bikes not cars.  If the marshall holds the orange flag up, you must stop at the corner.  If there are cars in front of you at the intersection, you must yield to them and stay in line until they clear. DO NOT PASS STOPPED CARS.  We had a tricky intersection at the NW corner of Parish South this past weekend and a couple of not-ideal interactions.  This course will be re-retired.

Course / Neighbor Etiquette
Please be courteous to the residents on our courses.  Use the bathrooms at the staging areas. If you must answer the call of nature on course please do so as discretely as possible.  

Mixing Fields
Last reminder that if you are dropped from your race and find yourself in a pack from a different field, stay at the back and do not interfere with the dynamics of that race. ie: sit on the back in last wheel. If you are off the front of your race and mix with another field, do not use that to your advantage.  Overall our group is great with respect to this stuff.  Let's please self-police and set the standards as a whole so we can avoid any accidents and remain in good standing with the communities we race in.

Pro Cycling News

Hopefully all got a chance to take in Strade Bianchi. What a race!  As the classics approach it seems we are upon an unprecedented time of stars battling each other for victory  - Alaphilippe, van Aert, van der Poel. Is Sagan getting fit?  And to see the young American Quinn Simmons in the mix takes it to another level.

Rochester's Magnus Sheffield of Rally Pro Cycling made his pro debut as well at Le Samyn in Belgium (123rd/crashed)* followed by a strong 23rd at Danilith Nokere Koerse also in Belgium.  Both of those races were live streamed on GCN+ and are available for replay should you need trainer content (for next winter hopefully!).

Newsletter & Website Content

If you have images or video from any of our events please share it with GVCC.  You can send it to and we'll share it with the group either here, FB, twitter, ig, etc.  Also if you or your team has bike racing news please share that as well.

See you this weekend!  And following that hopefully at our G-Tour Opening Day April 6th @ Victor.

Brian Cardona
Genesee Valley Cycling Club

*first edition of the newsletter had Sheffield reported as DNF incorrectly. Dude got back on the bike and rode in for 123rd place with his teammate, 10 minutes back. Only two other finishers would follow them in.