Hot Night for the A's in Wheatland

Race commentary provided by Todd Scheske, Legaci Cycling

A long chase bringing back one of the Tryon bike riders who went solo for better part of a lap saw a counter attack by Jeff Lubkowski. Jeff quickly put on 10 seconds and nobody responded and so it went quickly to 20 seconds and then 30 ..and with one lap to go Jeff held a 40-second advantage! Rolling up to the last lap going over the last roller hill, Scheske took an attack from the bunch and brought back about 10 seconds but more importantly  it seemed to initiate more of a chase spearheaded by Andy August. Seeing the Gap coming back steadily more riders took part in the chase and the Gap slowly started coming back down to 20 seconds on the back side and 15 seconds as we approached  the last two turns – the peloton smelled blood!. Going into the last two roller hills it looked like Jeff might hold off the hard-charging group as two Riders led by Sean Meyer (with a Tryon Bike rider?) to charge with an attack and held a small Gap over the last roller. Scheske launched an attack up the last roller in an attempt to get with the Myer duo and split apart the field!  The chase behind turned up the heat with Ryan seal and Ethan Carney in hot Pursuit of the now group of 3 bearing down on Lubkowski with 500 meters to go!   As the Sprint opened up the Lubkowski was swallowed up with 200 meters to go!  Ryan Seal made contact and was able to launch a gap coming into the Sprint with the chaos of catching riders!  Scheske couldn’t get on terms and was followed in by  Carney in  third as  everyone was dodging a near-miss with a rider pulling off to add some chaos to the confusion!

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