GVCC's First Solo GRAVEL Challenge

As we did in April, we’re going to throw in a few longer Strava Solo rides in June after the TT blitzkrieg of May. June will be a bit of a mix. But, next up, thanks to a course submission by Cory Kuhns (of Finger Lakes Gravel fame!), here is our next GRAVEL challenge…

Route (GVCC Solo Gravel Challenge--Hemlock): https://www.strava.com/routes/28161115

33.76 miles, 2,868 ft elevation gain. Road and gravel surface

Primes (3 places deep):

Segment prime #1—Canadice N to S (for us non-climbers): https://www.strava.com/segments/20168013

Segment prime #2—Holmes “Road” climb (aka, bring the 40t cog!): https://www.strava.com/segments/2968873

Segment prime #3—Marrowback – All the climbing: https://www.strava.com/segments/24154302

There are many paved sections on this route and a couple of spicy gravel downhills. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS ON THE DOWNHILLS!

This ride can be done on a CX, Gravel or Road bike with gravel tires. 1:1 low gearing recommended, but at the base of Holmes, you may need to hoof it over the steepest sections. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

I have not yet segmented the whole ride, so no Strava Leader board will be available for the whole enchilada until later this week.

Date Range: 6/2 – 6/9/20

Strava Fondo Rules:

1.       No groups. Must be ridden solo.

2.       No outside support.

3.       You must have a current (2020) GVCC membership to be in the official results. Results will be posted on GVCCracing.com. G-Tour points will be awarded for groups A and B.

4.       Must be ridden on a road or gravel bike, no TT bikes or e-bikes! There is no limitation on equipment if it is legal for a mass start event.

5.       It’s a Fondo format, so you must obey all traffic laws.

6.       The ride is self-supported. You are not allowed to have a support vehicle.

7.       The route will be on open roads with no marshals or club representation.

8.       Appropriate social distancing must be maintained.

9.       Do not attempt to organize staggered starts, minute men or rabbits. You must do this on your own and not in conjunction with any other club or non-club rider.

Good Luck!

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