Giro 2 - Parish North + Squalls

We returned to Dryer Rd Park this morning for round 2 of the 2021 GVCC Giro series.  Congratulations to James Thompson (Shickluna) (A) and Tyler Burke (Ide Racing) (B) for taking the W in their respective fields. It was a tough day battling the elements!

Updated results here:

GVCC 2021 Race Results - G-Tour & Giros
Giros A Group 3-13-2021,3-14-2021Last Name,First Name,Team,Category,Stirnie,Parish North,Giro TotalCardona,Brian,TruePath,A,7,6,13Carney,Ethan,Kelly Benefits,A,5,8,13August,Trevor,FinKraft,A,10,10Thompson,James,Shickluna Bikes,A,10,10August,AJ,Hot Tubes Dev,A,8,8Alexander,Shawn,Towpath,A...

Registration for next weekend will be open by tomorrow at the latest. We'll ride Parish South on Saturday and back to Stirnie on Sunday.