May 11 TT

Next week's Tuesday G-tour stop is at Rush as one of the two Tuesday TTs in place of our usual road racing program.  Check in is at 6pm, first rider off at 6:30pm.  When you check in you will designate as either TT scoring or RR (road race) scoring.  To be eligible for RR scoring you must be in compliance with Merckx rules.

Rules for Merckx - Must use a USAC mass start legal road bike, no aerobars, no fixed gears, no disc wheels. Standard road bike, 80mm wheel maximum, NO Time Trial specific helmets. Aero ROAD helmets are allowed, modern aero ROAD bars are allowed (no aero extensions of any kind are allowed). Skinsuits are allowed.

RR points will be 5 deep - 5, 3, 2, 1, 1