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Cyclocross Clinics

Cyclocross, also referred to as "CX" or "Cross", is a specific type of bike racing predominantly using off-road courses consisting of grass, mud, gravel, dirt, sand, and a variety of other elements. Courses usually weave in, out, around and over trees, natural obstacles, and barriers and are often lined with tape. Dismounting and remounting your in-motion bike is common. And, don't be surprised if you end up shouldering your bike and running with it for a good portion of the course. Cyclocross often marks the beginning of fall and continues right into the winter with races ranging from 30 to 60 minutes.

GVCC is here to get you ready for your first race ... and provide a FUN experience doing so.

CX Clinics are held at Camp Arrowhead and led by Trevor Harrison Craig Mattern Andy August and Erik Grimm

Skills covered include:

  • Recommended gearing, tire pressure, equipment, bike fitting and setup, etc.
  • Shouldering the bike
  • Navigating barriers
  • Mass starts
  • Dealing with challenging course conditions
  • Barriers, mounts and dismounts
  • Shouldering the bike
  • Intervals and training for cross
  • Cornering
  • Off-camber riding
  • Bike handling tips

The clinics are fun and open to anyone at any skill level ... from beginners to veteran riders.

For GVCCers with full season club memberships, there is no cost.

For those interested in participating ONLY in the CX clinics, it's just $35 for the clinic series (August 22th - September 26th).

Where: YMCA Camp Arrowhead, 20 Arrowhead Road, Pittsford, NY

What Dates: Thursdays, August 22th - September 26th

What Time: 5:30 - 7:30 (daylight permitting)

How Much:

  • Free/Included to full-season members
  • $35 for CX Clinic/fall only participants - Sign up Here.
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