COVID-19 UPDATE: April 1, 2020 (This is no joke.) All GVCC activites suspended through 5/31/20.

I just got off the USAC COVID-19 update from Dr. Michael Roshon. Dr. Roshon is the Chief of Medical Staff for the Penrose Hospital system in Colorado Springs, and is on their COVID-19 task force, where he's the Medical Specialist on their incident response team. He has his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology.

Dr. Roshon gave an excellent overview of the virus itself, how it spreads, and how best to protect ourselves. Much of the information is already out there and has become common knowledge during this pandemic, but here are the highlights from Dr. Roshon:

  1. Common sense approaches are still most effective--frequent and thorough handwashing, maintain physical distance when in public (6 feet), and staying away from anyone showing symptoms.
  2. As for riding, he does not recommend riding with anyone you don't already currently live with or know intimately (meaning you know their current health and trust them about what they tell you about their current health). Riding with friends or family members that you live with is fine, since you are already sharing living space with them.
  3. Avoid riding with people you don't know.
  4. The virus is communicable via droplets and touch, but Dr. Roshon definitely thinks drafting someone who may have the virus will increase your risk.
  5. As for training, he does recommend avoiding undue risks as pushing yourself too ride your mountain bike faster or tackle new skills that could result in injury. As for hard training, only those in a statement 0f over-training that has led to a suppressed immune system should worry. Normal hard workouts are fine, but listening closely to your body and don't overextend yourself too often.

Below is a YouTube video from Dr. Roshon's 3/17 update. I will post the one from today once the recording becomes available.

So, what about in the GVCC. Based on current national guidelines to maintain social distancing through 4/30/20, and a recent announcement from the UCI that all events will be suspended until at least June 1st, I will be canceling all club activities at least through May 31, 2020. We will assess month to month thereafter.

I know this comes as a big disappointment to us all. We have all worked hard over the winter (well, most of us ;-) to maintain or improve our fitness, but given the inherent risks of our sport, the optics of seeing a pack of us flying down the road while society at large is on lock down, and that internationally most sporting events have been sidelined; I cannot in good conscience lead anyone to believe that club racing will return in just a matter of weeks.

To maintain club cohesion and divert our attention, I will continue sending out invitations to Zwift events on Tuesday and Sundays. If anyone has any other virtual riding options please email them to me.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. We shall ride again!!!

Scott Bass
President, Genesee Valley Cycling Club

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