A Tuck by any other name...

So, there has been over the last few years within the club a debate about the use of two techniques the "super tuck" and "forearm aero position". I am writing this post to hopefully put this debate to rest (because, frankly, I just want to race my bike and not debate stuff endlessly)...

There is no USAC rule in regard to the use of either technique, nor will there be a formal rule within the GVCC. I'm not a huge fan of banning things. I am a big fan of safety for our club members. To be completely frank, from my 30 years of racing in this club, I've never seen anyone win a race thanks to either technique. Regardless, some have trained to use these techniques and use them safely. Over my years in the club I've not seen anyone crash or cause someone else to crash by using these techniques. I personally choose not to use the super tuck, because I find the transition to the top tube an unnecessary step and I don't feel comfortable. And, I can rarely use the forearm aero position because I sweat too much and my arms will slip off the bars. In both cases I am using my personal judgement and experience. I suggest everyone else do the same.

As far as the club is concerned as a SAFETY GUIDELINE, neither technique should be used within the peloton or a paceline. If the super tuck is used, please do so far in front or behind the field and be aware of individuals riding near you. As always, any behavior or techniques that put other club members at risk could result in a disqualification or suspension from club activities and are at the discretion of the race directors and club leadership.

Let's stay safe and enjoy our remaining races in this curtailed season!

Scott Bass
2020 GVCC President

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