Zwift Time

Snow and cold is here today so that means indoor training and Zwift if you partake in that platform.

Matt Quinlan is stepping up to lead us on Zwift this year, but he's unavailable this weekend. Are you interested in leading a ride!?!?  If so, contact us at  If you don't want to lead, we're in search of sweepers as well.

Matt's first Genesee Valley Cycling Club Zwift winter group ride is Saturday December 9th at 8am.

He's has created this ​2023-2024 GVCC Zwift Rides including route selections and relevant stats including XP, distance, sprints & KOMs and more.  This is subject to change based on #s and ability to stay together on bumpy courses.

A few notes:
- Open to the public! You don't need to be a paid GVCC member to join, the Zwift Club and events are open to anyone.
- To become a member of the GVCC on Zwift use the "request to join" option on the Zwift companion app.
- Ridetime is 2 hours of zone 2, Pace is roughly 2.0 - 2.5 w/kg. adjust your weight as needed if that range doesn't fit for you. we don't care, the more the merrier is what we're after.  just remember to fix it before you race again.
- Sprints & koms are fun - in the 2nd hour, then immediately regroup after.
- Late join is on (30 minutes)

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