New Rider Information

If you are ready to join us and become a member of the GVCC, register here.

If you are new to competitive bike racing, welcome!  The Genesee Valley Cycling Club has been promoting and supporting cycling events since 1973. We have a rich history of providing organized, fun and competitive events for cyclists in and around the Rochester, New York area.  Our membership is typically between 100-200 active members from teenagers to 70+ years old.  And Junior cyclocross clinics (held in fall) have given those as young as 5 years old a competitive cycling experience.

As a new rider we recognize that approaching a new group and sport may be intimidating.  Road cycling, or "roadies" are known for adhering to weird customs, styles, and unpublished etiquette. No worries. Ask questions, be observant, and be open to suggestions from other members.  When in doubt, approach the Race Director with questions.

To join us, please register with the club here.  We offer a one month trial membership if you'd like to kick-the-tires.  If you are a high school or college student we offer a free membership. Please contact us at for more information.


  1. Do I need to be on a team?
    Nope. In fact we encourage new riders to avoid joining a team. Riding "unattached" or as a "cutter" is the best way to learn how to race and achieve results and USAC upgrade points if that is your goal.
  2. What should I wear?
    Generally everyone will be in cycling specific shorts and a cycling jersey.  You must wear a helmet to participate.  
  3. How fast does the club ride?
    It depends! Most training events average a little over 20mph. Don't let that intimidate you, the draft is real!  Over the course of an event the speed can and will fluctuate widely, from easy moments under 17mph to sprints over 30mph.
  4. Will I get dropped?
    Everyone gets dropped at some point.  There's no shame in it, and it's great for learning how to race, ie: pace, draft, and other elements of the craft that can take years to hone.  If you've never ridden in a group aka "the peloton" before just remember the draft is real!  Rule of thumb is you can save as much as 30% of your energy by drafting.
  5. Should I shave my legs?
    Up to you! Leg shaving in road cycling is one of those traditions that some adhere to and some don't.  Generally at the higher levels ("A" cat 1, 2, 3) everyone is shaved. At the lower level it's just a matter of preference.  Benefits include easier clean-up after crashes, arguably more aero ie faster, better massage, and it looks cool.
  6. What kind of bike should I ride?
    To hang in a G-tour event your going to need a road bike.  Preferably one with 23-28mm "skinny" tires.  Modern bikes now are described as 11 or 12 speed which are actually typically twice that, as that # refers to the # of cogs in the rear cassette.  You'll also want "clipless" pedals which is poor word for describing pedals that you clip into with cleats and cycling shoes, like a ski binding.  

We encourage you to come out and join us!  We believe GVCC is a very special club, providing the right mix of friendliness, learning, and competitiveness that can become a very fulfilling part of your week. We see ourselves as fortunate to live in this area full of great roads, wide shoulders and varied terrain.  So come on out, introduce yourself, and get ready to enjoy the thrill of bike racing.

If you have any questions email us: