2020 GVCC Annual Meeting and Elections

GVCC's annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, 9/22 at 7:00 PM on Zoom. Members in good standing have received a Zoom invite via email.

The meeting will start with an annual report about the status of the club with updates on membership and finances by club president, Scott Bass.

The club has formerly received nominations for all four leadership positions. The nominees are:

President: Brian Cardona

Vice-President: Fernando Galiana

Treasurer: Matt Quinlan

Secretary: Bob Canino

All nominations were made via email and seconded independently by other club members.

Below is are brief intros to each of the candidates:

Brian Cardona - running for President, racing w/ GVCC since 2001


Fernando Galiana - running for Vice President, racing w/ GVCC since forever


If elected we plan to maintain the awesomeness of our weekly G-Tour training series, and support the growth of TT participation and the cyclocross clinics. CX's ability to introduce young people to our sport in a safe environment is especially important.  Also in anticipation of a normal racing season in 2021, we will emphasize club support for sanctioned weekend events including the downtown criterium. We believe the GVCC is a world class cycling club and one of the things that makes living life in Rochester great. The club has benefited from strong leadership in the past, and has a rich tradition of success. With the opportunity to serve the membership as President and Vice President we will do our best to maintain that high standard.

Matt Quinlan- running for Treasurer, racing with GVCC, since the start of 2020 season

I believe I can lend my professional expertise to the Officers slate.  In all my past roles on various non-profit Boards the best has been led by a committed group of volunteers!
I offer my services based on a 30-year financial career which includes 15 plus years as an independent sole proprietor of my own accounting practice, my current role as Chief Financial Officer of a 60-person company, and my several stints as a Treasurer on various boards here in Rochester and New York State.

Matt is a CPA, licensed and practicing in New York since 1992.


Bob Canino - running for Secretary. Bob is the current secretary and graciously volunteered for 2021.

I’ve been a club member for almost 15 years. I live in Farmington with my wife and two children.  I was appointed to the Secretary position two years ago and am willing to serve another term if elected. The club has been through some ups and downs in the last few years, but the racing has been terrific. I’m impressed with the core group of volunteers who keep things running and would like to remain a part of it. Thanks for your consideration.

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